What We Do

Using our knowledge of how people interact with the internet, we develop web experiences that are easy and stimulating to use. We undertake the industry's best practices in an effort to maximize our products through professional design, clean software code and powerful search engine optimization.

Understanding our Customers and their Users

Cedar Springs Web DevelopmentWe canít create solutions for you until we know who they are and what they do. Our preliminary research into you and your industry helps us gain important insight into the needs and motivations of your website's users. The success of a project is determined by the effort we put into the initial stages. Working with you directly or those whom you would appoint, we help define a clear, set design guidelines and develop a content strategy and feature roadmap. We will then use this to guide every decision we make, ensuring the final product meets your objectives.

Ideas Development

Our first image of your site is not usually the best. This is why we look at ourselves as facilitators, working with you to generate as many ideas as possible. After a series discussions involving one on one interviews and other co-design activities, we help you evaluate the concept and turn it into the perfect experience.

Mock Up and Go

Building a new website can be time consuming. Normally, the first thing we do is get out a pencil, eraser and paper and put our thoughts into simple sketches. Then, we start to assemble the required components to the site and develop

Cedar Springs Website Development

interactive prototypes on our web server. This way we can find and fix problems or spot new opportunities before the finer details have been incorporated, saving you time, money and missed opportunities.

Planning for Success

The technology behind websites and internet applications has become so complex and continues to evolve exponentially. As a result, users can often struggle with the most basic activities. This is why we focus on usability, information architecture and interaction, mapping out the entire experience first, so your users achieve their goals without hassle. We test and check all details; no interaction is left to chance.

We deliver top quality through innovation and a hands-on approach

we love our clients

What can I say??!! Thank you so much. It has been such an extreme pleasure working with you. Having researched numerous web design companies, I came across your site. Sending that initial email to you was the best decision I could have made! Your professionalism, patience, humour, talent, and knowledge made working with you so enjoyable. You took my idea and created a custom site for my ...

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